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Are You Paying Your Website Minimum Wage

Are You Paying Your Website Minimum Wage?

Let's face it your website is like one of your employees. In fact in many ways a website can be your best employee. Look at it this way, when you close your doors at night...

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Your Website Can Make YOU Money, Is it?

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to be a huge company to have an e-commerce website. In fact, most e-commerce sites are home-based businesses.

E-commerce website's are our specialty! We can provide end user editable(dynamic) e-commerce solutions for as little as $2500.00. Our e-commerce solutions are designed to fit your companies budget, and to allow you complete control over your customers shopping experience.

Companies We have Helped

International Photo Magazine
As founder and developer of International Street Photographer Magazine (ISP), I knew that I needed a website that was both high quality and multifunctional. One that could handle subscriptions, advertising space, and submissions of hi-resolutions photographs. Last 7 Studios worked with me step by step and created exactly what i envisioned. They made sure that I was happy with the product from start to finish and even worked with me after the site went "live" to insure it was exactly what I wanted. I love the website and because of their creative layouts and marketing advice we're averaging over 1200 visits per week and have received subscriptions throughout the US and Europe. I look forward to continuing to grow my business with Last 7 Studios.

Much appreciation guys.

Bill Hoyle
Billy Hoyle
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Kimberly Benjamin