Last 7 Studios Exists To Provide Excellent Customer Service and To Help Our Customers Achieve Their Goals.

Wouldn't it be great if life was like Hollywood "build it and they will come"? Well for a web design company nothing could be farther from the truth.

"We know the only way to be successful is to truly become our client's partner in whatever project that we are working on."

When we begin any project we ask ourselves one simple question. What would we do if this was our company? With this philosophy we not only deliver a stunning web site but one that gets noticed by the target audience, is easy to interact with, and accomplishes the goal whether it is sales or getting information to your clients. We believe that this philosophy is what separates us from all of our competition.

What sets us apart in our clients eyes

Our goal, with every project we take on is to become your partner in developing your website. We work with your input from the very start of the project, as well as use research gathered from leaders in your industry to ensure that your site is the best that it can possibly be.

The Success of your website is our main goal from the start of the project

When it comes times to build your new website, we have all your bases covered. Our team consists of coders, designers, marketing specialists, researchers and customer service professionals to ensure not only does you website look great but it gets noticed and interacts with your customers in a way to guarantee results.

We've Learned a Great Deal Over The Last 6 Years

Over the last 6 years we have built a very diverse team. We have experts in web design, web development, web marketing, web research, web ADA compliance, and search engine optimization. Even more exciting than that is the diversity of projects that we have worked on and the companies and individuals we have helped.

We have worked on everything from retail web sites to not for profit web sites from blog's to government web sites even video game community web sites.

This has given us the experience we need to provide almost any solution needed for the web. We have grown tremendously in the last six years but we have never forgotten our true objective. We initially started the company because we identified a huge disconnect between form and function on the web. At that time most sites were either great looking but not effective or they were effective but looked horrible. We set out to be different from day one. In every one of our projects we make sure there is a perfect balance between form and function. We truly try to think of ourselves as our client's business partner. When we start a project we think to ourselves "if this was my business what would I do?" With that philosophy and the help of our client's vision we have been providing winning solutions for our clients for the last six years.

Last 7 Studios Exists to provide Excellent Customer Service and To Help our customers Understand how the internet works.

We understand that every web design firm says they're the best. We believe that what our clients think about us is much more important an ultimately more accurate. Take a minute and read what our clients say about us.

Angeline Graser

From the moment of contact through the development process and finally the completion the staff of Last 7 Studios were professional and courteous through out. Answering all my questions and concerns thoroughly. They stayed in constant contact with me, keeping me up to date on each stage of the process and any concerns they may have had. Meeting the deadline as promised. Would definitely recommend them to build or re-infuse new life into an existing website.
Angeline Graser

Bradenton PC Repair

Last 7 Studios was able to provide us with a stable website that allowed us to get our information out to our customers and potential Clients
N Morris

Precision Painting of Bradenton

Thank-you, last7studios for creating a lasting web site that many have responded to just to comment on the site!!! For approximately 8 years now, our only advertising has been by web and word of mouth and we keep 12 men busy, providing the livelihood for 13 families. We've known Chris and Naz and appreciate their professional attitude. They're a great team. We're glad for the continued support in keeping our website current and trouble free. We recommend you highly for any one wanting to build a fantastic web site web and work with a team that your business is there business!
Kathy Jones
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