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Measure the Success of Your Business

One of the hidden and often neglected benefits of a having a website for your business is the fact that almost anything about it can be tracked.

Teach your Website how to Sell

Online selling is growing at such a fast pace it is easy to overlook some simple but key practices to be completely successful. It seems the focus today is centered on driving traffic to the actual website through search engine optimization (SEO) but what happens when the user lands on the website. Will it be ready to engage the user and close the sale?

Modern Solutions for Your Business

The technology to design and market websites changes and evolves at an astronomical rate and so do the expectations of users.

Stand Out to Your Customers

Just having a website will not guarantee you success online. The key is to make sure your customers are using your website and not your competitionís.

Building Your Online Presence

Not having an online presence in today's business world is like not having a business card.

What do you really need on your website

What do you really need on your website? This is unique to every website but the theory is somewhat consistent across most websites. There are the usual things like your phone number, email address, and content that are always things that a website should contain but what else is there, how do you know what you need and how expensive is it?

Don't let your web design company own your domain

A common practice in our industry (not one we subscribe to) is for the web design company who builds the website to purchase the domain name for the customer. This can lead to huge legal issues in the future if the web design company lists themselves as the registrant for the domain.

7 Ways Your Web Design Company is Robbing You Blind

There are some topics that companies don't openly talk about with their customers, Cell Phone companies have their early termination fees, Big Box stores have their return fees, and doctors offices have their no-show fees. Well Web Design companies have their bag of dirty little secrets as well.

Will Good SEO Guarantee a Successful Website

Does good SEO guarantee a successful website? In one word no. Good search engine optimization helps with website traffic and search engine ranking, but will not keep users on your website or convince them to buy. There are several things about a website that you should take into consideration in addition to SEO. Remember the goal of a website is to get the user to contact you or purchase your product.

Are You Paying Your Website Minimum Wage

Let's face it your website is like one of your employees. In fact in many ways a website can be your best employee. Look at it this way, when you close your doors at night and you and all of your employees go home, who stays to take care of your customers? Your website will be servicing your customers long after you have called it a day. Your website never goes home, never comes in late and never calls in sick. Your website doesn't even take a vacation. So why are you treating your website like a temp that you don't intend to keep?
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