We work with you to develop a website that you love and works at today standards

We have a simple design process that features your input from start to finish. You know what's happening with your website from beginning to end!

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Step 1 - Initial Design Phase

We start by researching what other companies in your market are doing. We look at what is working for them and compile a list of things we would include on your site. We then take that information and we put together 2 flat website mock-ups (2 different home pages) that allow you to see if we are going in the right direction. If you like elements from both designs then we are able to pick and choose what you like from both designs and incorporate them into one design which leads us to design comp phase 2

Step 2 - Design phase Part 2

Moving on to step 2 we take the elements that you liked from both of the first comps and integrate them into a single comp. We add or edit other elements that you might suggest. This narrows down to a flat website comps from 2. At this point we present this new design to you. You can choose elements that you would like to see changed and narrow the site down for the final time. This leads to the final design phase.

Step 3 - Final Design Phase

In this phase the final design is decided on. Any final adjustments or changes that you would like made are made to the design. At this point all content for the site must be available for us to move forward to the next phase of the site.

Step 4 - Initial Site Development

This is the build phase of the site where we set up a domain that you have access to. We build the site from front to back, starting with the homepage and finishing with the contact page. You have access to the site and are able to see the process from start to finish. This is where all of the content that you provided is implemented into the site. Al of the hard work that you have put in to writing the content for your site is put to use.

Step 5 - Deployment Testing

Once we have all the information and images added to the website, it's time to stress test the website. We double check everything from navigation to spelling and grammar. We make sure the website works in different web browsers and all links are tested for accuracy and relevance.

Step 6 - Site Launch

Your new website, that you helped create, is uploaded for the public to see.

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