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A/B Website Testing Part 1 | Last 7 Studios Website Design

A/B Website Testing Part 1

Chris Graser | 08-30-2018
A/B Testing is considered one of the least used but most effective ways to introduce changes to a website. It can help a good website become a great one. What is A/B Testing? How does it actually affect my website? How can I use the information that A/B Testing gives me to improve my website? It is all less complicated than what it seems. So, let's start with the basics. What is A/B Testing? A/B Testing is the process of testing two different versions of the same content to determine if changes based on website layout or quantity of content has any effect on how people interact with that page. The content that you are testing can be anything from a whole website, a single page on a website, an email, or a landing page. So how does it work? When a user visits the page, they are randomly given Page A or Page B, hence the name A/B testing. Based on what the users do once they arrive in your A/B test, it generates conversion rate data. Conversion rate is a number that you get when you divide the number of users who visited a specific piece of content or page by the number of users who take a desired action. For example, let's say you have a contact form on a landing page. Every time a user comes to that page and completes that form, a conversion has been achieved. All of the visitor data added together gives you the conversion rate. To be Continued...