About Last 7 Studios Web Design

10 Years in the making, and growing every day

"We know the only way to be successful is to truly become our client's partner in whatever project that we are working on."

We apply that mission statement to every project that we work on. We here at Last 7 Studios, have been building, updating and maintaining websites for over 17 years and have a combined experience of over 40 years creating content for the internet. We have seen the ups and downs of the internet firsthand. We have worked through the transition from simple boxy websites with blaring songs, through Adobe Flash Websites, to Web 2.0, and now Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 interactive sites. Everything we have learned and worked on, has shaped the products, services and support we deliver to our clients every day.

One of the major questions we ask ourselves every day, "Is this the best it can be?". We have established a standard quality of work that our clients love and love sharing. Our goal with every project that we start on, is to make sure that the project meets our client's vision and goals, while being delivered on time, and on budget.

Last 7 Studios Web Design Process

Who we are as designers, marketers, and managers, brings unique talent to the table that we use to better understand what our client's needs are and apply them to every project.

But most importantly, doing this everyday is what drives us to continue building the quality content that we have been producing for the past 10 years.
Last 7 Studios Office Manager

Angeline G.

Office Manager

Last 7 Studios Senior Project Manager

Chris G.

Senior Site Designer - Project Manager - Search Engine Specialist



Last 7 Studios Senior Developer

Nazareth M.

Senior Developer - Back End Developer - Database Specialist